American Music Theater, Lancaster, PA 5.8.16

Foreigner brought their latest tour to Amish country last night.  This quiet little theater was rockin’ when the classic rock power house hit the stage.  Always full of energy, frontman Kelly Hansen tried to impart that energy to the crowd, some of whom looked like they would rather stay seated thru the show.  Most everyone was on their feet by the end of the show, though.  In their years together, this band has become a well-oiled, professional machine, but one that still enjoys the heck out of what they do.  That much is clear in the smiles and the easy way they work the stage.  Founding member, Mick Jones, joined the band this night.  There are those that will argue that Foreigner is nothing more than a cover band now, with or without Jones in attendance.  While that may technically be true, Jones handpicked the current members for their talent and for their willingness to keep the spirit of the band alive.  Their interpretations of the Foreigner classics provide just enough originality to keep them fresh and relevant, while staying true to to the original compositions.  They always put on a good show and I, for one, will keep going to see them as long as they keep playing.