Judas Priest w/ Steel Panther

Petersen Event Center, Pittsburgh, PA 10.18.14

Judas Priest - a true legend of Heavy Metal - 40 years and still going strong.  When I think back to high school, their music is featured prominently in the soundtrack of my life, yet I never had the chance to see them live.  When they announced a tour in support of thier latest album, Redeemer of Souls, and they included a stop in Pittsburgh, I knew I had to be there.  Redeemer of Souls is impressive and has the classic Judas Priest sound.  Definitely worth a listen.  The show opened with plenty of red light, leather, spikes and of course the heavy guitar riffs and dark, screaming vocals we expect from this band.  There were songs from all eras, including several from their latest offering, all delivered with high energy.  I could have gone home happy once they played "Turbo Lover", my all time favorite Priest song, but they had plenty more in store.  Rob Halford sounds just as he always did, and still has the scream of a metal god.  I don't know how he's still able to do that after all these years.  Bands like this just prove that, although Rock may be getting a little older, it is far from dead.

Steel Panther, in all their 80's hair metal glory opened the night, and were about what I've come to expect from them, though still loads of fun.

Judas Priest setlist:  "War Pigs", "Battle Cry", "Dragonaut", "Metal Gods", "Devil's Child", "Victim of Changes", "Halls of Valhalla", "Love Bites", "March of the Damned", "Turbo Lover", "Redeemer of Souls", "Beyond the Realms of Death", "Jawbreaker", "Breaking the Law", "Hell Bent for Leather", "You've Got Another Thing Coming", "Living After Midnight", "Defenders of the Faith"

Review also appeared in Hair Metal Mansion.