Slaughter and Kix

Palace Theater, Greensburg, PA 8.22.15

Slaughter and Kix stopped by western PA last night.  Kix is one of those super-fun live bands, in my opinion.  High-energy, talented musicians playing party songs.  They seem to embody the 80's.  Steve Whiteman is not only a talented singer, but a bit of a comedian as well, with his stories between songs.  Yeah, they are a bit well-rehearsed at this point, but still fun.  It was good to see Ronnie Younkins back in the lineup. after a recent stint in rehab  This band is a tight-knit family, and they played gigs without him rather than replacing him while he was out.  That makes them a class act in my book.  

I hadn't seen Slaughter in a while, but last time I did, Mark was sounding a bit rough, so I didn't know what to expect.  This show was much better.  Mark may have a little trouble with the high notes, but he sounded much more like himself.  The rest of the band were on point, as they usually are.  Unfortunately, with the low stage, no pit area and the way they generally call fans down to the stage, it was nearly impossible to get good photos.  I did what I could, but otherwise enjoyed the show.