Steven Tyler

Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA 9.7.16

Aerosmith has always been my favorite band, and Steven Tyler has always been my favorite frontman.  While not a big fan of country music, I was intrigued to hear that Mr. Tyler was putting out a solo, country album.  Some of the tunes are very country, others not so much, but overall, I enjoyed the album.  When I heard that there would be a solo tour, with a date near me, I knew I had to be there.  Accompanied by his Loving Mary Band, Steven Tyler made a stop near Philly.  Though the stage show was much smaller than you would see with Aerosmith, and Steven really allowed the band to shine, the rock star swagger was still very much present.  During the show, he told little stories about his early days with Aerosmith, and he made sure to give a shout out to his Aunt who lives in the area and was at the show.  

After the show, I had a special mission to get a photo signed that I knew I was unlikely to accomplish at an Aerosmith show.  My friend was game, so we waited by the busses with a couple of hundred other people.  A couple of hours later, Steven finally emerged from the backstage door.  He went the opposite direction, and I was convinced he’d be in his limo before we could make our way over to that side.  To his credit, he took a moment with every fan that wanted an autograph, a word, a photo, a hug or just a handshake.  He even took time with a young girl who just wanted to sing with him.  He really does care about his fans.  You can’t say that about many celebrities on his level, and I was very impressed.  

Unfortunately, the only photos I was able to get were on my cell phone.  Some turned out all right.

His set list included:  

“Sweet Emotion”, “


Beatles Medley - “I’m Down/Oh Darling/Come Together”,

“Piece of My Heart”,

“Rattlesnake Shake”,


“Love is Your Name”,

“I Make My Own Sunshine”,

“What It Takes”,

“We’re All Somebody From Somewhere”,

“My Own Worst Enemy”,

“Dream On”,

“Walk This Way/Whole Lotta Love”,

“Janie’s Got A Gun”,

“Only Heaven”,

“Train Kept A-Rollin’”