American Music Theater, Lancaster, PA 8.15.16

A warm and humid night in Lancaster, PA.  The weather has been brutal lately and people are ready for a little fun.  The lights dim in the American Music Theater and the level of excitement goes up.  The wait seems to go on forever, but finally, the house lights go down and dim forms take the stage as cheers erupt from the crowd.  As the stage lights go up, and the opening notes of “The Grand Illusion” fill the auditorium, the members of Styx come into view.  

“The stage is set, the band starts playing.  Suddenly, you’re heart is pounding.”

Such perfect lyrics for an opening song at a concert!  This is what we’ve been waiting for!

They may have been around since the 70’s and may have had some line-up changes, but these guys seem timeless and have a cohesion and energy that can be matched by few bands currently touring.  Their music, created at a time when Album Oriented Rock ruled the scene, becomes nothing short of magical when performed live.  All members of the band are true showmen, who love what they do and love making their fans happy.

Besides the usual Styx hits, the set included snippets of “Major Tom” in tribute to David Bowie, and “1999” in tribute to Prince.  Keyboardist Lawrence Gowan always include a sing-a-long section, and tonight’s included “Rocket Man” and “Dock of the Bay”.   This crowd sounded amazing!  The full set list if below.  

Set List:

The Grand illusion

Too Much Time On My Hands

Fooling Yourself


Light Up

Man In The Wilderness

Miss America

Major Tom

Crystal Ball

I Am TheWalrus



Blue Collar Man


Rocket Man

Dock Of The Bay

Come Sail Away

Rocking’ The Paradise