About Me

I’ve always been interested in photography. My dad’s ancient Polaroid and tiny spy camera were fascinating to me and the 35 mm my grandfather gave me became my prized possession.  It was a simple camera, very old but completely manual, so I learned a lot from it.  Unfortunately, film and developing were expensive, so I drifted away from photography for a while.

When the digital age hit, I returned to photography and started making up for lost time.  I had always been a music lover, and had snuck my old 35 mm into concerts on occasion.  Considering how slow the lens was and the lack of telephoto capabilities, I didn’t do half-bad back then.  It wasn’t surprising that this is where I picked up with my new digital camera.  I learned everything I could and figured out how to make that little point - and - shoot produce some good concert photos.  Before long, I moved up to an  entry level dSLR and found a few shows to get that one into, and wow!  What a difference a camera makes.  

Through persistence and making friends with the right people, I’ve been able to shoot shows on a fairly consistent basis.  In 2010, I was able to get on board with Revolution Magazine and had a few things published there before they stopped production.  In 2011, Classic Rock’s AOR Magazine published a set of my photos from the M3 Festival in Columbia, MD, and in 2013 they ran my photos from the first Monsters of Rock cruise.  Iron City Rocks, in Pittsburgh, has used some of my stuff, I contributed to Hair Metal Mansion regularly for some time, and I’m always looking for new publications that might want to use my work.

Name: Linda Parnell


          email:  pirate032@me.com