Slaughter / Great White

MGM Northfield, Northfield, OH, 9.10.21

Having seen and photographed Slaughter so many times over the years, and having gotten to know Mark, Dana and Jeff a little, I’m not sure I can give an unbiased review, but I will say a few words.  Mark is sounding pretty good.  He may not be able to hit those incredible high notes anymore (not many from thie era can), but he's adjusted his vocal style to accomodate for that and the songs don't suffer any for it.  You can always count on this band to have a ton of energy, and they seem to truly enjoy what they do.  Fans can expect a great deal of interaction, especially with bass player Dana Strum, who is always looking to single out someone to toss a pick to or just to say thank you.  Will Hunt, of Evanescense fame, is taking care of things on the drum kit.  He is a wonderful addition to the band, and his energy and chemistry with the other guys fit perfectly.

I've only seen Great White twice before, none with the current singer, Mitch Malloy.  Every time I see them, I wonder why I never listen to them more.  I really love the blues, and you can't miss the blues influence in Great White's music.  Other than the singer, the band hasn't changed since I first saw them over a decade ago, and they still sound great.  They also have a great chemistry, though maybe not quiet the same energy as Slaughter.  The current singer, Mitch Malloy, has an excellent set of pipes that fit well with the band and their style of music.  He's an excellent showman, but I couldn't help but feel that something was just a little off that night.  It wasn't enough to affect their sound or overall performance, though.  All-in-all, they put on a very good show.

The only real disappointment was that both sets were too short.  Sometimes a co-headlining type situation just doesn't give enough time for either band.